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Collaboration Proposals: Information for Prospective Partners

UC San Diego welcomes the opportunity to explore potential collaborations with universities and institutions abroad that share our strengths and interests. Our experience is the most successful collaborations are highly desired and supported by at least one faculty member who will serve as an advocate for the partnership. In order to develop an agreement, including MOUs, an international partnership must have a designated UC San Diego faculty leader who will commit to engage in the agreement development process; secure approval for the collaboration from leadership; and support proposed projects and programs throughout the duration of the agreement.

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is available to assess UC San Diego's interest in proposed collaborations. To conduct the assessment, OIA needs a proposal letter to share with our faculty, researchers, department chairs, deans, and/or research unit directors, as appropriate.

NOTE: UC San Diego is not currently seeking agreements for joint degree programs, student recruitment services, or branch campuses. Students wishing to earn UC San Diego credit must enroll in courses directly via Summer Sessions: Students may study at UC San Diego during the academic year by enrolling through UC San Diego Extension, and will earn Extension credit for completed coursework: These opportunities are available to all students who meet the enrollment criteria stated on the websites linked above.

Please include the following, at a minimum, in the proposal letter:

  1. Information about your institution
    1. Describe research strengths, global rankings, ties to UC San Diego, etc.
  2. Information about the proposed collaboration
    1. Goals and proposed activities.
    2. Funding available to support the partnership.
    3. Academic and/or research field(s) of interest.
      1. Provide information on the achievements of your institution in the field, unique facilities/equipment available to researchers, etc.
    4. The UC San Diego research and/or academic units, and faculty members, with which your institution desires to collaborate. Click the links below for more information.
      1. Research units
      2. Academic divisions and professional schools
  3. If student research is proposed, please describe:
    1. Education level of student participants (i.e. graduate or undergraduate).
    2. Participating students’ research experience.
    3. Indications of English language ability, such as coursework completed in English.
    4. Funding or other forms of support, if available.

Submit the proposal letter to Office of International Affairs Director Michelle Hermas ( OIA will share the proposal with relevant faculty and unit leadership, and let you know within 15 days if there is mutual interest in exploring possible collaborations.