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Global Operations

Leasing Space Abroad

For a UC San Diego program to conduct on-going operations abroad, such as leasing space, the program is typically required to establish legal status abroad.

Legal registration abroad is subject to the UC Policy on Foreign Affiliates. Compliance with this policy is coordinated by the UC Office of General Counsel in Oakland. This office will work with in-country legal counsel it has identified to determine the best option for registration. Note that the program seeking legal registration is responsible for the cost of in-country counsel consultation. This process can be lengthy, so advance planning is required in order to operate legally in foreign locations.

Because the process to establish legal status is unique in each country, the UC Office of General Counsel recommends calling their main line to be directed to the individual who can best meet an individual project’s needs.  The main UC Office of General Counsel phone number is: (800)-933-9777.

Terms & Conditions

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