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Global Operations

Travel and Related Expenses

The following applies to the types of field research travel and related expenses most common for UC San Diego, not for extensive major projects abroad which would require additional policy guidance.

Getting Your Passport

Faculty, staff, students, and community members who are U.S. citizens can apply for, and renew, a U.S. passport at UC San Diego's Passport Acceptance Office. Routine processing of the passport application takes 4 to 6 weeks, so be sure to plan accordingly. More information is available at the Blink Passport Application Website; and by calling (858) 822-3715.


Preparing to Travel

  • Work with your departmental business office, business assistant, or travel preparer to ensure:
  • Set up your Connexxus traveler profile (requires travel preauthorization first)
  • If using federal funds, know air travel options to comply with the Fly America Act
  • Learn about the UCSD Travel Card for employees to charge or withdraw cash for certain expenses. Allow 15 days from the date of application to receive the Travel Card.
  • As applicable, learn about per diem for travel abroad.

Arranging Travel

Use Connexxus: UC's Travel Program to book airfare, car rental, and lodging which includes:

Paying Travel Expenses

UC San Diego automatically prepays airfare when you book via Connexxus

Other official business travel expenses:
  • You can work with your business office/assistant to request prepayment of a hotel deposit if required
  • Employees can charge their own expenses, or withdraw cash to pay them, using a UCSD Travel Card provided you ensure timely repayment (charges are due at 30 days).  See responsibility and late fee guidelines.
  • In special circumstances, a cash advance can be requested:
    • Typically for ground transportation and meals only
    • Other expenses eligible if travel is to a remote location or is long-term (30 days+)
    • Ask your business office/assistant to help with this process (may need to consult with UC San Diego Travel Team as to the allowable amount and reconciliation guidelines)
  • If you need to send funds via wire/draft, see travel wire or draft guidelines
  • If you pay out-of-pocket, you can request reimbursement after the conclusion of your travel
  • Keep all receipts

Paying Expenses for Goods and Supplies

Express Card
Before utilizing the Express Card, please review and abide by the Express Card Restricted Purchases and read the Express Card Overview. You can use your Express Card to buy and pay for routine, low-cost goods or services (when no contract or agreement is required). Express Card benefits include:

  • Accepted by all vendors that take Visa
  • Ensures payment to vendors within 48 hours
  • Combines ordering and paying into a single process
  • Limits transaction amounts to $4,999 (including tax, freight, and handling charges)
  • Limits monthly cycle limit to $10,000
  • Includes built-in-controls that prohibit restricted purchases

Wires and drafts

You can request a wire for non-travel related activity when your department needs to transfer funds electronically into a payee's bank account that is outside the U.S.

For more information regarding wires or drafts, see the Wires and Drafts Overview.

For more information on paying expenses for goods and supplies:

For Express Card, contact the Express Card Program Team at expresscard@ucsd.edu.

For non-travel wires/drafts, contact Zsuzsa Morgan, Administrative Specialist in Business and Financial Services-Disbursements: zmorgan@ucsd.edu; (858) 534-4620.

Reporting travel expenses

Use MyTravel to report expenses for travel in or outside of the U.S.  The required timeframe to report expenses is after travel concludes, within 21 days of the trip end date.

For more travel related info, see Travel Essentials, or contact the UC San Diego Travel Team: Email travel@ucsd.edu or call (858) 822-0202, for a response within 1 business day.

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