International Events

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Emmanuel Jal, From War Child to Global Citizen
Eleanor Roosevelt College is pleased to invite you to a special evening featuring Emmanuel Jal, an internationally recognized hip-hop musician, former child soldier turned activist and entrepreneur as he shares his story and music. Jal was born into the life of a child solider in the early 1980s in the war-torn region of Southern Sudan. He recorded his wrenching hardships in his autobiography, War Child: A Child Soldier’s Story (2009), a moving account of his years as a child solder and growing prominence as a musician. A star in world music today, Jal has achieved worldwide acclaim for his unique style of African hip-hop, vibrant performances and a powerful message of peace, reconciliation and hope. Join us for an evening of storytelling and live hip-hop as Jal calls upon all of us to engage with our world and become global citizens through scholarship, leadership and service. This experience is part of a year-long series of celebrations to recognize Eleanor Roosevelt College’s 30th Anniversary.

Location: Price Center, East Ballroom
Event Date: Apr 12, 2018
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PDEL Innovation Workshop: Mobile Money, Schooling and the Poor
Mobile wallets and other digital financial services offer tremendous promise for integrating underserved populations into the global economy but adoption and use rates vary widely. Low rates of uptake have been attributed in part to mismatches between technology architecture, institutions and human behavior. In this workshop, Claire Adida, Jennifer Burney and Ganz Chockalingam will present a project from one such country — Benin, West Africa, where mobile money adoption rates remain low and a large rural population faces financial marginalization. They will discuss the design and preliminary implementation of a digital school-fee payment system in Benin. This system, called Prêt-à-Payer (Ready-to-Pay), incorporates research on remittances and institutions in Benin into the design of the technology, and is meant to be an avenue for schools, students and school-fee payers to provide digital financial services more broadly.

Location: UC San Diego San Diego Supercomputer Center Auditorium
Event Date: Apr 11, 2018
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The Return of Religion and China's Future
Following a century of violent anti-religious campaigns, China is now filled with new temples, churches and mosques — as well as cults, sects and politicians trying to harness religion for their own ends. What does the return of religion mean for the future of the world’s newest superpower? Acclaimed journalist Ian Johnson will address this question in the Sixth Robert F. Ellsworth Memorial Lecture. Ian Johnson is a Pulitzer Prize-winner, and has written for the Wall Street Journal, The New York Review of Books and The New York Times. His latest book, “The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao,” explores the explosion of faith and what it means to be Chinese and how to live an ethical life in a country that is searching for new guideposts.

Location: UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy Robinson Auditorium
Event Date: Mar 21, 2018
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2018 Kyoto Prize Symposium
The 2018 Kyoto Prize Symposium - Basic Sciences Presentation featuring Dr. Graham Farquhar will take place from 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. at UC San Diego's Price Center West Ballroom. Dr. Graham Farquhar has developed process-based models of photosymthesis, enabling the prediction of the environmental responses of carbon dioxide exchange between vegetation and the atmosphere, as well as models for fractionation of the stable isotopes of carbon and oxygen during photosynthesis and transpiration. Doing so, he has made major contributions to the advancement of environmental and climate change sciences.

Location: UC San Diego's Price Center West Ballroom
Event Date: Mar 21, 2018
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Global Forum - New Marine Geoarchaeological Research
The Scripps Center for Marine Arcaheology brings the Global Forum: The Search for Ancient Ports and shipwrecks in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean: New Marine Geoarchaeological Research with Professor Papatheodorou! Join us for an interactive discussion on the emerging field of Cyber-Archaelogy and Sustainability.

Location: Great Hall International House, UCSD; 302 International Lane
Event Date: Mar 14, 2018
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Mexico's 2018 Elections: Institutions, Polls and Party Platforms
In four months Mexicans will elect 629 federal officials — including the president, 500 representatives and 128 senators — and close to 2,800 local officials, including 9 governors. Join us for a half-day roundtable to examine the current institutional context and party platforms of the main political coalitions in the country: PRI, PAN-PRD and Morena.

Location: UC San Diego, The Great Hall
Event Date: Mar 12, 2018
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Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom
Drawing on personal letters, diaries, memoirs, government documents and contemporary news reports, John Pomfret reconstructs the surprising, tragic and marvelous ways Americans and Chinese have engaged with one another through the centuries. A fascinating and thrilling account, “Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom: America and China, from 1776 to the Present” is also an indispensable book for understanding the most important?and often the most perplexing?relationship between any two countries in the world.

Location: UC San Diego Geisel Library Seuss Room
Event Date: Mar 08, 2018
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First Annual Distinguished Lecture on U.S.-Mexico Relations
Join the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies for its First Annual Distinguished Lecture on U.S.-Mexico Relations. Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray, who has been at the helm of Mexico’s foreign policy since January 2017, will discuss the country’s relationship with the rest of North America. He will highlight the role of diplomacy in addressing the salient issues and pressing challenges in Mexico’s relationship with the U.S. and Canada. The event will take place in the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine Roth Auditorium (directions). Parking permits may be purchased at the pay station. There is also limited space available for street parking along Torrey Pines Scenic Drive.

Location: Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine Roth Auditorium 2880 Torrey Pines Scenic Drive
Event Date: Feb 23, 2018
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Silicon Valley’s China Paradox
Since China's first Internet connections in the 1990s, the relationship between China and Silicon Valley has moved through four phases – dependence, competition, segmentation and synergy. Matt Sheehan, former China correspondent for The Huffington Post and The WorldPost, argues that the relationship has arrived at a counter-intuitive new equilibrium, one in which the flows of talent, money and ideas between the two ecosystems are at an all-time high, even while companies and products remain stubbornly confined to their own markets. Sheehan presents the implications of this new equilibrium for companies, policymakers and global innovation. The event will take place at the GPS Robinson Auditorium (directions). Closest parking will be at the Pangea Parking Structure. There will be signage to direct you from Pangea to GPS.

Location: UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy Robinson Auditorium
Event Date: Feb 22, 2018
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Chinese New Year Celebration
Cultural awareness, acceptance and exploration are held in the highest regard here at UC San Diego. We welcome alumni and their families to join us on campus for our Chinese New Year celebration. Members of our esteemed faculty will also be present to discuss a few of the world-changing research projects taking place on campus. Every year we strive to expand our global impact by promoting work that enriches our diverse global society.

Location: Ida and Cecil Green Faculty Club
Event Date: Feb 16, 2018